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SJS Cosmetics Manufacturing 

produces face masks, essences, and skincare products in liquid, oil, and lotion forms.

We have our own manufacturing plant with full equipment,

ensuring complete control over production and product quality.

Our factory follows ISO 22716 and GMP guidelines for cosmetics.

The cleanroom facilities are the main part of our plant,

where we produce skincare products according to technology standards.

We have a system to trace raw materials to ensure compliance

with regulations in the skincare market.


Cleanroom and Personnel Segregation Control 

SJS  cleanroom is maintained at a temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius with humidity below 70% RH.

This ensures that the raw materials remain effective in a stable temperature and humidity environment.
The cleanroom is sterilized using UV light, and the floor is covered with dust-free epoxy resin flooring.
To reduce dust contamination, all raw materials are filtered and blown before entering or leaving the material buffer room.
We strictly enforce the segregation of people and materials. 

R&D Laboratory

We include MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet),SDS (Safety Data Sheet), and COA (Certificate of Analysis) foreach raw material used in SJS products.The inspection covers Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, yeast,and total bacterial count.- Pure Water Room -In the entire face mask production process, water plays a vital role,making up 90% of the ingredients.It undergoes extensive purification toremove over 99% of salts, heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides.After the water is purified,it goes through UV sterilization for disinfection.We maintain a total bacterial count below 1000,following the standards of food factories.The water is transported through food-grade CLEAN PVC pipes, which have smaller pores, making it difficult for bacteria and microbes to attach andensuring cleaner and more stable water quality.

Air Shower Chamber

This device creates negative pressure andis installed in the main pathway for people entering and exiting.
It uses strong air to blow away dust particles
and then filters them out from below.

Multiple Compartment Operational Method

During enclosed operations in a negative pressure setting,
the positive pressure from the corridor is pulled into the enclosed area.If there are sources of contamination inside the enclosure,
they will not escape into the corridor. Thanks to the effectiveness of
the multiple compartment operational meth
od, our face masks have fewer reported cases of allergies compared to other brands.

Liquid Preparation Room

The "Homogenizing Vacuum Mixer" is an important equipment
used for making liquid and oil formulations. It utilizes vacuum,
heat, and high-speed mixing to produce fine and dense materials.
We have designated staff responsible for the maintenance of the machine,ensuring its efficient operation in producing high-quality

thickened skincare products.

Blank Sheet Filling  

Way 1: Manual filling
This allows for checking mask sheets for damages and impurities.
It may be less efficient than using machines b
ut can ensures product quality.
Way 2: Semi-automated mode
This method has higher production capacity and fixed folding methods,but it may be limited by special-shaped packaging bags and size restrictions.

Sheet Mask Preparation 

The blank sheets to be used is disinfected with ozone of

a specific concentration prior to the operation

Filling and Packaging Room

The automatic filling and sealing machine has a filling efficiency of
5000 pieces per hour,while manual filling is at 2000 pieces per hour.During filling, we inspect the aluminum bags for any damages, impurities,or black spots. After filling, the bags are heat-sealed and labeled with a product code and production date. We use a traceability system for management, which helps us identify andimprove any issues that may arise. 

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Contact Details

Office Address

12th Floor, No. 102, Zhonghua 3rd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City 801005

Customer Service

+886-7-241-1806​ #227 #229 #230

Factory Address

1F., No. 288-1, Xinya Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806034 , Taiwan


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